EEEEE! Lookit what just came in the mail! Dustin Nguyen, one of my fave comic artists (who also did some of the covers for the SPN comic) put out a GLORIOUS book of his drawings. His work is so full of life and he’s an effin’ daredevil with his paint. For a pittance, he offered to throw in a quick sketch and of COURSE I asked for Sammeh. I am tickled pink!

You can find him here on tumblr: FOLLOW HIM.

:D Am I not a lucky girl?

These covers are perfection. I don’t care if they don’t ape the actors’ likenesses exactly; THE SPIRIT IS THERE. Dustin is also here on tumblr:


Supernatural Cover by Dustin Nguyen (also on Deviant Art)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE his SPN covers. Hell, all his covers. Yum.

Supernatural Rising Son - By Dustin Nguyen

I loooooove this guy’s comic covers for SPN. Dayum.


cover for supernatural #6 in march 2012