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Handwriting meme

Tagged by the magnificent Gorlassar

The Handwriting Challenge.

I have thoroughly sloppy and unimpressive handwriting. Please to be amazed that I can even draw a straight line…

-write down answers to all questions 
-tag ten people


1) who tagged you?

2) what’s your name?

3) what’s your URL?

4) name of your blog?

5) what’s your favorite colour?

6) name of your crush?


8) favorite singer/band(s)?

9) favorite number

10) favorite drink
Put 10 blogs in the tags [ONLY IF YOU WANT TO!]

the-megalosaurus replied to your post “PROMPT ME”
*cough* hotprofessorSam *cough*

Ooooh, heeeeey, the ReverseBang is coming up…HMMMM…

Awww, now that’s a sexy little almost-smile!
denugis replied to your post “Episode 200, Day 1: Complete. Do I look as tired as I feel? #SPNFamily…”
I swear, every time I look at Jared his eyes are a different color.

I have made an almost-career out of studying Jared’s brand of hazel. It is a worthwhile pursuit. Yes.

Big guy, you don’t look tired to me…

From an anonymous ask:

"Hey, I love your blog but your last post irked me a little. Essentially, you’re asking Jared to stop being who he is and start posting for popularity points against his best friend. I’m pretty sure that at this point Jared knows that Jensen will always be the more popular of two of them, and if he starts changing who is his now, he will only feel like a phony. Remember that statement Jared made at a con where he said you hear a lot of good and bad but you have to throw it all out and just worry about who you are on the inside? That kind of philosophy is why I admire Jared. He will always try to be true to himself even if he receives criticism for doing so. Also, don’t forget (and I don’t mean for this to be mean or sarcastic) but if you don’t like Jared’s “rants” you are free to stop following him on twitter. This way, you will be able to see Jared the way you want to see him and you won’t feel uncomfortable or unhappy with him."

First off, sorry for not responding sooner! We had company over. So…

Wow, anon…that’s not what I intended at all! Do you really think Jensen is the more popular of the pair? I dunno! That’s debatable. I’ve been a Sam girl (and therefore a fan of Jared’s) from almost the very beginning. My previous post (which was simply this, in case folks don’t want to look for it: “Okay, Jared baby, Jensen’s twitter is leaving yours in the dust. Time for less ranting, more smexxy selfies! :D”) wasn’t the least bit meant to:

1.) Actually be seen by Jared. There’s about a -200% chance that it’ll get back to him and we all know this. If I thought any comment of mine would be seen by the person I’m addressing, I’ll send it to them personally and be more than happy to start a discussion with them. This was just an observation aimed at his proclivity to vent (a bit hyperbolically) on twitter, and wasn’t condemning of him. I don’t think it was mean, and I don’t think we aren’t permitted to express our observations about the world—and people in the world—on our personal journals. I would love to see more upbeat posts from him, but I respect his right to vent, too. I think I’m simply asking the universe for a little equilibrium.

2.) Judge anyone. But I totally see where you’re coming from. We get very protective of our guys! I’m not unhappy with Jared. Like I said, I respect his right to express his POV, just like I would like to be respected for mine. Selfishly, I would appreciate a little more of Jared frolicking with his family, enjoying the sun (like he used to post,) to balance the recent tirade against American Airlines and Sid Vicious’ version of ‘My Way’. I mean, personally, I think it’s kinda charming when Jared rants, just like we do, on our social media about a bad experience with the phone company or what have you. It’s like he forgets he has a bazillion eyes on him.

So, in a nutshell, this was not me feeling uncomfortable or being critical, and if I were Jared’s close friend and had his ear in any way, I’d say the same thing to him, face to face. And then I’d take him out for ribs and a beer, and challenge him to horseshoes or a casual game of poker. Or volunteer to babysit so he and Gen could have a night out. But I do appreciate your comment and your viewpoint! :)

Okay, Jared baby, Jensen’s twitter is leaving yours in the dust. Time for less ranting, more smexxy selfies! :D